Is It Your Time to Face Prostate Health?

Nearly all men will approach a time in life when prostate health takes precedence. When bathroom trips interrupt your day’s best moments, it’s time to see your doctor and start taking ProstateIQ.

ProstateIQ is an evolving health formula developed for men to nutritionally support an aging prostate.

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Men Everywhere 'Get' It

If you've wake at night to go to the bathroom, or just stand over the toilet to wait for relief, you’re not alone. In fact, aging men all around the world share these same experiences. It might feel frustrating, but only you can take control of your prostate health.

Our ProtateIQ formula offers incredible benefits beyond prostate health support. This revolutionary formula supports healthy sleeping habits, less frequent nighttime urination and vascular health.*

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What Is ProstateiQ?

A balanced health formula that provides your body with nutrients that support healthy prostate function.* ProstateIQ contains the groundbreaking ingredient Beta-Sitosterol, combined with other health supporting herbs and minerals that support , this well-researched formula has been referred to by many as man’s other best friend.

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