ProstateIQ Supports Male Prostate Health

Super Nutrient Beta-Sitosterol Benefits Prostate Health

Recognized by nutritional researchers worldwide for its ability to target prostate health, most studies demonstrate Beta-Sitosterol as beneficial to urinary flow rate and healthy prostate function.*

ProstateIQ's is comprised of several sources of Beta-Sitosterol, including soy, which exhibits greater efficacy than other natural sources Beta-Sitosterol.* Well-researched vitamins, minerals and herbs are blended together with Beta-Sitosterol to support prostate health and other biological systems.

It's Your Time to Benefit

Supporting prostate health begins with consulting your doctor, then supplementing ProstateIQ with healthy eating and exercise.

Read reviews from men who have benefited from ProstateiQ.

ProstateIQ Reviews

Why Choose ProstateIQ for Prostate Health?

Per Serving
60 Count Price
Including Shipping
1 ProstateIQ 300mg $1.33 $39.95
2 Super Beta Prostate 250mg $1.43 $42.94
3 Vitacost Prostate Formula 100mg $1.10 $32.94
4 Biovea Prostate Health 50mg $1.16 $34.90
5 Prostavar RX 0mg $1.33 $39.95

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The Top Choice for Prostate Health Is Clear

Powerful Formula
Each serving contains 300mg of the ground-breaking ingredient Beta-Sitosterol infused with other herbs, vitamins and minerals to bolster prostate health.* [see ingredients]

Targets Prostate Health in Men
This nutritional formula is intended for men who wish to support their bladder health, normal urine flow and nighttime bathroom habits*.

GMP Certified
All of our nutritional supplements are manufactured in a GMP certified facility that meets specific requirements mandated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We back ProstateIQ with an iron clad 30-day money back guarantee. Send us back the unused portion of product back to us and we’ll honor a full refund, minus the cost of S&H.